Tackling challenging projects that demand speed and innovation.

Special Projects Divison

Accommodating for the growing and evolving needs of the construction industry.

Meyer Najem’s Special Projects Division performs tenant improvement and renovation work along with ground-up projects. Our team has the skills and experience to meet the unique requirements of construction projects ranging from conception to stamp drawings, along with critical fast-paced smaller projects, all while focusing on flexibility and efficiency. Clients benefit from our vast industry relationships, full spectrum of services and ability to obtain the best pricing possible. Our teams experience allows us to meet both budgets and quicker turn-around times.

Meyer Najem’s Special Projects Division offers the following innovative solutions:

  • Interior Renovations & Reconfigurations
  • New Construction
  • Tenant Build-outs
  • Building Renovations & Additions
  • Service Demolition

No matter the size or type of the project, customer satisfaction is our top priority.


Our experience that allows us to meet quicker turn-around times.


Our market knowledge gives us the ability to create strategies that allow potential cost savings and a smoother process.


We use state-of-the-art technology to help us manage the process and create innovative problem-solving solutions.


Our enhanced communication and customer-centric approach allows us to foster lasting relationships with each our clients.


We invest time focusing on the details and being proactive in catching problems early, providing solutions and providing guidance necessary to make informed decision.


We pre-qualify each of our subcontractors to minimize risk and ensure predictable results because we take pride in delivering successful projects.

Discover how our team helped one client transform an existing space into their own.

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