Nickel Plate Office Building


An award-winning, 42,000 SF two-story building that is home to Meyer Najem Construction. The building was designed using locally manufactured and harvested materials and includes a public art display in the second floor atrium, an indoor bike storage facility, and an outdoor patio that backs up to pedestrian/bike trails.

Portfolio Layout 4


This 66,197 square foot, single story assisted living facility gives residents access to an ice cream shop, hair salon, garden rooms and a theater. There is also a physical therapy room for residents to work with physical therapists on their mobility.

Portfolio Layout 3


12,000 SF phased renovation of the ICU. The renovation included new nursing and charting stations, allowing all rooms to be continuously monitored. The 24 patient rooms were renovated for patient harm reduction, which provides hospital staff with all supplies that could be needed in an emergency without having to leave the room.