Purdue MRI


New 3,360 SF modular facility with two 3T MRI units. The shielding (lead) in each MRI room needed to be designed to the specific magnet in the MRI unit. The MRI machines focus on human sciences research for the College of Health and Human Sciences and the College of Engineering.

Paris Community Hospital


A 50,000 SF renovation and addition to the Paris Community Hospital. Renovations were completed in 26 patient rooms. A central plant and a physician office building was added to the hospital to help with the daily functions of the hospital and a connector to the mobile MRI.

St. Vincent Oncology Center


New 51,000 SF medical facility for St. Vincent. The Oncology Department is on the first floor and the Hematology Oncology of Indiana, which performs surgical, medical, and gynecological oncology services to patients, is housed on the second floor.

Schneck Medical Center


This 256,900 SF project included a renovation and new two-story and five-story additions to an existing hospital. This project was completed in 18 phases. The renovated areas included cardiac rehab, endoscopy, pre-and post-operation recovery, materials management area, laboratory, pharmacy, MIS, and office support areas. Patient rooms received an upgrade from semi-private to private.