Building strength in community.

It’s about more than buildings; it’s about creating spaces that transform communities.

We believe that each of our projects, no matter the size or type, plays an important role in strengthening and developing a healthy community. This has been the intention of Meyer Najem since established over thirty-two years ago.

From parks that bring energy and entertainment, fire stations that help optimize response times in life saving moments, corporate headquarters that help bring opportunity and growth, to healthcare facilities that are revolutionizing outpatient care, our projects make a difference.

While every project starts with a foundation, it’s supported by the relationships we make and grows with the strength of leadership. Our team brings the passion, confidence, and integrity, to all aspects of construction, making the process transparent and innovative.

Aligning with the needs of communities.

Like many contractors, we view our projects from the standpoint of size and price. However, at Meyer Najem we’ve always looked at the bigger picture. How are our projects making an impact on our communities? A recent project, the Fishers Park & Amphitheater (above), is an example of just this. This project brings to Fishers:


Local & National Acts a Year


Local & Small Business’s a Week


Visitors a Year

We’re all about community.

In Fishers, we have completed more than 60 projects, and are honored to create more than a building, but build community. Meyer Najem understands that the physical building each client has is so much more than just a building, but also an essential part of its community. The facilities we build are only outweighed by the relationships we form. A few of the projects that we have been apart of in the City of Fishers in the past four years, include:

The journey starts here. Let’s talk about you and your ideas.