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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Embracing diversity and inclusion throughout our company.

Meyer Najem is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion within our diverse contractor community and our employee workforce.  Focused on fostering continuous employee and contractor development with the promotion of talent that inspires and serves the community we work in, strengthens our customer and personal relationships, and employee ideas and engagement – embracing all!

We strive each day to empower our employees to foster a sense of belonging for a diverse workforce. We vow to respect and value the uniqueness of each of our team members, which in turn, strengthens the communities that we work in. At Meyer Najem, we continue to make meaningful contributions to a powerful and inclusive workplace.


Broadening Workforce Development

At Meyer Najem, we are driven to provide better opportunities for our trade partners and employees alike. This includes providing the platforms that will attribute to growth. How are we ensuring an inclusive and diverse workplace?


& Development

We foster inclusive excellence by facilitating engaging learning spaces that invite multiple perspectives and identities, which builds the competencies and skills of our team.

Attract a Diverse

Talent Base

We are committed to enhancing our initiatives, expanding beyond traditional recruiting strategies. Creating equal opportunities for college, entry, and senior level career enhancements.


& Processes

Our practices are not just a series of policies and processes that reflect and best serve our employees and their families. They are strategies that directly impact our goals.



We strive to be a 21st century learning workplace, building off the generational youth of our employees. As the construction industry continues to innovate, so does our way of thinking.

Enhance Cultural


Creating an encouraging, collaborative, and inclusive culture excels decision making and innovation. By utilizing different experiences, we can find better solutions on our projects.



Through industry events and partnering in mentor-protégé programs, we encourage our employees to engage in opportunities to help build strength within our communities.

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