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Karl Meyer

Chairman of the Board

Anthony Najem

Chief Executive Officer

Tim Russell


Chris McCracken

Chief Operating Officer

Keith Jewell

Chief Administrative Officer

Toby Holcomb

Vice President of Operations

Jeff Blount

Chief Operating Officer of Meyer Najem Southeast

Scott Stull

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Falcon

Chief Legal Officer

Kevin McGovern

Executive Vice President

Jeremy Dixon

Executive Vice President

Ben Cox

Executive Vice President

Ryan Soots

Executive Vice President of Meyer Najem Southeast

Jonathan Haggarty

Executive Vice President

Sam Mishelow

Director of Client Development

Dan Lawson

Executive Vice President of Business Development

Bob Gallant

Vice President of Business Development

Travis Tucker

Executive Vice President of Real Estate

Matt Weaver

Chief Technology Officer

Traci Hardin

Vice President of Safety & Compliance

Maynard Soukup

Director of Special Projects

Rachael Coverdale

Chief Marketing Officer

Meyer Najem’s leadership team is comprised of industry professionals who bring passion, confidence and integrity to all aspects of the firm. We take great pride in shaping how business should be done by being transparent, innovative and honest.

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