Building technologically advanced facilities takes a high level of expertise. We understand the challenges involved, and approach each project with tremendous care and due diligence from start to finish. The end result is a carefully crafted building that meets the highest industry standards.

Purdue MRI Facility


New 3,360 SF modular facility with two 3T MRI units; one unit is GE and the other is Siemens. The shielding (lead) in each MRI room needed to be designed to the specific magnet in the MRI unit. The MRI facility is going to further Purdue through research of both animals and concussions in athletes.

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Baxter Pharm Solutions


427 SF HVAC modification to a clean room fill line. Constructed a new enclosure around the fill machine in clean room, the current HEPA filter, ceiling and ductwork was removed and replaced, and new under-floor wiring was installed.

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