We strive to exceed client expectations.

Quality Management

It’s not only our standard, but an attitude instilled in our culture.

Quality starts with a plan. At Meyer Najem we start crafting your project well before construction begins. With careful yet efficient planning throughout the entire process we identify the special needs of each project, making sure the project team is ready when it comes time to install.

Our Quality Control Program is more than a sales tool. We are meticulous about planning and ensuring that every component installed in your project meets specifications and performance standards. By having a dedicated quality control staff, we supplement the project teams to ensure that all aspects of the project are installed and functioning properly.

We also utilize best in class technologies to ensure our plans and quality requirements are communicated and understood by all parties involved. From the pre-planning and pre-install meetings, to post installation reviews, all of our quality control information is communicated, documented and organized, following detailed plans and procedures. This commitment to quality allows Meyer Najem to complete projects that exceed client’s expectations.

Our Quality Mission is to utilize superior quality practices throughout the entire construction process that enhance workmanship, provide exceptional attention to detail, reduce rework and punchlist items for a faster project closeout, all with the goal of exceeding owner expectations.

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