Giving your Vision a Presence.

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Bridging Vision with Implementation.

Meyer Najem Real Estate Services dedicates itself to understanding unique circumstances and then applying detailed analysis, extensive expertise, and thoughtful imagination. The outcome is a facility tailored to your needs and goals, ultimately aligning with your business objectives.

In today’s environment, establishing a solid strategic position for the future has never been more important—or more challenging—for executives and their organizations. Accepting and adapting to this change is the difference between organizations that thrive—and those that do not.

Meyer Najem leverages our comprehensive expertise to help organizations plan and execute new facilities and strategies – bringing innovations and lessons learned from each project.  Our team includes a diverse mix of experts with skill sets that encompass a broad array of real estate services. We apply this experience to promote innovation, optimize efficiency and add value to every action taken on behalf of clients.

We are the bridge from key organizational strategies to plans, which reveal the implementation path and resources required to execute visions.

We apply our deep knowledge base to promote innovation, optimize efficiency and add value to every action taken on your behalf throughout the entire process.

A Trusted Partner From Day One

From the initial consultation to the ribbon-cutting ceremony and beyond, Meyer Najem possesses the skills and expertise you need for every step of the real estate process.


Exceeding what you’ve come to expect from a real estate partner.

Our real estate experts crunch the numbers in order to find the best way to utilize your property and maximize your investment. We also offer a complete strategic approach that will help you understand the needs of your market and the best way for you to add value to your property. From selecting a site to negotiating a lease or purchase, we can help you find the appropriate due diligence of every transaction.


We handle the building so you can manage your business.

Managing the development process is complicated, our expertise allows us to keep your project on track no matter what challenges arise. Throughout the process we help find ways to improve efficiency, accelerate throughput and bring new innovations to your building. After construction, we can help you take ownership of your building, or if need be, we can serve as the property owner and manager, letting you focus on your business.


We are with you on either side of the Table.

Our experts can work with you from the beginning to identify locations, evaluate options and create an excellent strategy. A strategy that may consist of either acquiring a new building, expanding your existing space or moving to a new building, depending on the goals of your business. However, at the end of the day we will help you find the most profitable option and provide the negotiation firepower to achieve it.

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