Social Cantina

Social Cantina is a Mexican style restaurant brought to you by Finney Hospitality of Bloomington, Indiana. They serve modern Mexican street fare, and the Special Projects Division recently completed construction of their second location.

From the moment the project was accepted, the challenge was on. This was a 5,626sq foot shell space that lacked even a concrete floor. Hurdle number one was a 16-week schedule that was quickly cut to 9 weeks. The team began strategizing, and immediately went to work with a shortened schedule and necessary city and health Inspections to pass.

Fortunately, due to the long hours and hard work put in by superintendent, Brian Baker, project manager, Nick Geiger, and as many as 40 trades persons, the job, with all of its detailed finishes, was delivered ahead of schedule meeting all of the owner’s goals.

“It was tricky, but our entire team came together determined to make this thing happen,” said Geiger. Nick also expressed great appreciation for a couple of key features: the wood and ceramic tile at the bar and the backlit wall and ceiling feature in the seating area.

Size: 5,626 Square Feet

Cost: $1.5M

Timeline: 16-weeks projected, completed in 9 weeks

Location: Carmel, Indiana