How a project will be designed and constructed, or choosing the right delivery method, is one of the most important decisions every owner must make before embarking on a construction project. We help coach you through the entire process, from start to finish, guiding you and your project in a successful direction.

Delivery Methods

Construction Management

Construction Management (CM) is a broad term and would typically be responsible for the schedule, costs, construction, project safety and project management related to the project. The CM can serve the owner in many ways, ranging from short term advice during any phase of the project, to acting as the owner’s agent throughout the project. CM services can be delivered as either CM as Advisor/Agent or CM at Risk.


Design-build is a project delivery method in which both the design and construction services are under a single contract with the owner. The design-build team can be either designer-led or contractor-led. Through this method, the design-builder, architect, engineer and contractors are all united to serve the interests of the owner. The team lead serves as the single point of contact.

General Contracting

General Contracting, sometimes known as a lump sum general contract, is when the owner issues a complete set of construction drawings to interested construction firms. This process is also known as design-bid-build, or plan and specification. Once the drawings are issued, contractors then develop pricing for the cost of materials, labor, equipment, insurance and other factors associated with the project.

Self Performance

Self-performing particular scopes of work benefits a project and offers its owners the expertise of a true builder on every project. Our team has self-performing knowledge in multiple architectural and structural trades. We leverage this expertise to ensure competitive pricing. In addition, working alongside subcontractors allows us to drive the project schedule and ensure that project safety and quality expectations are met.

In healthcare settings, our team members are Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) trained to contain pathogens and control airflow on project sites, while protecting patients and working without disrupting adjacent operations.

We have the ability to self perform the following tasks:

  • Building Addition & Renovations
  • Carpentry
  • Casework & Millwork Instillation
  • Concrete
  • Demolition
  • Doors & Frames
  • General Clean
  • Hardware Installation
  • Infection Control
  • Interior Finishes
  • Misc. Specialty Installations



During the pre-construction phase, we work with you to finalize budgets, designs, construction drawings, permitting, schedules and logistics.

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We take care to include every single line item so your project runs as smoothly as possible, without any surprises down the road. Every detail is important to your budget and your peace of mind. Throughout the project, we present all viable options, make a recommendation, and give you enough time to make decisions carefully and thoughtfully.


As the building owner, you are at the heart of our construction process and have continuous visibility into our progress through check-in meetings and updates.

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We use technology such as drones to capture aerial views, iPads onsite to view the same planning documents at all times, and Procore so our communication is as efficient, productive and transparent as possible. We honor our deadlines and ensure quality and safety, always staying respectful of your time and resources.

Post Construction

Our hand off process includes walk-throughs, video reference manuals, as well as digital records of blueprints, manuals, warranties and materials information.

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This way you understand how every piece of equipment works together to keep your building running. As construction closes, we complete the finishing touches in a 30- or 60-day punch-list, ensuring that your building is just as you imagined. And operating your building for a year, we’ll stop by for a walk-through and address anything that’s causing you trouble or needs fixing.