Beech Grove Police Department Headquarters

In response to the expansion of its police force, the Beech Grove Police Department recognized the need for a larger and more modern police station. This project not only reflects the thriving development of downtown Beech Grove, but also incorporates dedicated spaces to foster stronger bonds with various community groups. Emphasizing the importance of this initiative, Beech Grove Mayor, Dennis Buckley, praises the new station as a gateway to the city and a symbol of the community’s unwavering commitment to public safety.

The Beech Grove Police Department Headquarters project included the construction of a new two-story building, spanning 15,970 square feet, showcasing an innovative and modern design. Naturally, no undertaking of this scale is without its challenges, and Meyer Najem navigated material delays and escalating costs successfully to overcome these obstacles.

“They (Meyer Najem) made us feel included, important, and part of the team,” says Beech Grove Chief of Police, Michael Maurice. “When there was a problem, they didn’t just present the issue, they also brought solutions. If something wasn’t right according to the plans, they corrected it. They accommodated changes when we saw something that wouldn’t work for us. They took the stress on so that we could continue to do our jobs.”

The previous police station was constructed in 1973 and could no longer accommodate the growing police staff. The new station houses employees and hosts the city court, while also offering inviting spaces for community groups and organizations to meet. Beyond its functional aspect, the new location carries an immense significance for downtown Beech Grove, acting as a catalyst for further development and progress in the area.

While currently under construction, the second part of this project includes the construction of a new two-story training facility for the police department. When complete, the 15,000 square foot facility will include a 25-yard indoor shooting range.

“When our project was finished, Meyer Najem and their team had given us a home beyond what I could have ever imagined,” said Chief Maurice. “It is truly a place that our officers and community should be proud of.” 

Size: 15,970 Square Feet

Location: Beech Grove, IN