BlueSky Technology Partners

Noblesville, Indiana

Located in the Federal Hill’s District of Noblesville, Indiana, BlueSky’s new headquarters carries much significance for the City of Noblesville and for BlueSky Technology Partners. This was more than just a building, but a vision for the future being brought to life. This building serves as a catalyst of economic development to the area helping extend the reach of downtown Noblesville further west and opening opportunities for businesses and communities to capitalize on the surrounding area.

The 1.5-acre property where BlueSky now stands had been vacant for decades, largely because of grade changes that complicated construction. We began the project by removing 22,000 yards of dirt from the site and utilized Building Information Modeling (BIM) to coordinate mechanical, engineering, and plumbing (MEP) systems to avoid conflicts. The design intent was to allow the facility to be pedestrian oriented due to its proximity to downtown and Federal Hill Commons.

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With its natural stone veneers and wood grained finishes, BlueSky’s Corporate Headquarters is truly one of a kind. The top three levels were designed for collaborative office use, while the main level, at grade, was intended for a restaurant and outdoor dining. The fourth-floor outdoor terrace provides scenic views of downtown Noblesville and the new Federal Hills Commons area. The 42,000-square foot building also includes an indoor bike storage area and locker rooms for its employees and other vendors of the building.

“The outcome of this project will allow BlueSky to grow by showcasing this building to future clients, partners and associates alike,” says BlueSky CEO, Todd Irwin. “The building truly is a tool for our growth.”

Size: 42,000 Square Feet

Floors: 4 Stories

Location: Noblesville, Indiana

Designer: American StructurePoint


  • Indiana Construction Roundtable Merit Award
  • ABC Merit Shop Award of Excellence
  • ACEC Engineering Excellence Award