Smith Mill’s Assisted & Independent Living

Named America’s No. 1 suburb in 2015 by Business Insider, New Albany, Ohio, was planned to be an exceptional place. The city boasts brick Georgian architecture and enforces strict aesthetic codes. When Meyer Najem was selected to construct the new Health Campus, we knew that the design would need to reflect the standards of this desirable executive community.

Working in tandem with the owner and architect, our team placed emphasis on working with the external façade so that it would complement the community’s mission and presence. The two-story, 90,000-square foot skilled care, assisted living and independent facility, did just this. The facility included full services kitchens at each level, rehabilitation and physical therapy rooms in the skilled and assisted living areas, as well as wanderguard systems integrated into the access control.

Skilled Care
– 46 Rooms, 50 Beds
– Private Rooms
– Private Deluxe Rooms
– Semi-Private Rooms

Assisted Living
– 34 Rooms, 41 Beds
– Private Rooms
– Semi-Private Rooms

Independent Living
– 22 Rooms, 22 Beds
– One Bedroom Apartments
– Studio Apartments

Size: 90,000 Square Feet

Floors: Two Story

Location: New Albany, Ohio