The Beech Grove Police Department Training Center

Meyer Najem is proud to announce the successful completion of the Beech Grove Police Department Training Center. This 4,400-square-foot facility serves not only BGPD officers but also provides a valuable training resource for outside agencies. The center boasts an array of features designed to equip officers with the skills they need to excel in various situations. The centerpiece is a full 25-yard indoor shooting range, offering a controlled environment for firearms training.

A key feature of the training center is its sophisticated lighting system. Designed to ensure the most realistic training scenarios, the range offers a variety of lighting options. This allows officers to practice under conditions that mirror real-world situations, from low-light environments to encounters with flashing emergency vehicle lights.

Other Key Features:

  • Custom police lighting and sirens
  • Bluetooth speaker system
  • 180° battle walls
  • Lvl 8 bullet-resistant doors and windows
  • 360° target turners
  • Full-width target runners
  • 8 shooting lanes
  • Gun cleaning area
  • Meeting/conference space

The Beech Grove Police Department Training Center project demanded creativity and meticulous planning. The compact site challenged our team to devise innovative solutions for crane and equipment use during precast panel installation. Furthermore, a fully operational police station next door with ongoing activity and a car lot bordering the south side necessitated careful logistical planning and robust safety protocols. The technical aspects of the indoor range equipment also required close coordination with third-party installers to ensure seamless integration with existing utilities, cameras, and access points to the police headquarters. Meyer Najem Construction is proud to have overcome these challenges and delivered a state-of-the-art training facility. This project exemplifies our commitment to supporting public safety by providing officers with the resources they need to excel in their vital roles.

Location: Beech Grove, IN

Size: 4,4000 Square Feet