Meyer Najem utilizes several technologies to achieve the best possible construction experience. From robust accounting and project management software to cutting edge mobile solutions, we continuously exceed the needs of our project teams, owners and clients by aligning our technology with proven construction processes and experience.

AEC Industry Technology

Our technology staff is not only highly trained and experienced in technology but also construction management and architecture. This unique combination of skills allows Meyer Najem to provide technology solutions specifically tailored to the AEC industry. For his achievements, Matt Weaver, Meyer Najem’s Vice President of Information Technology, was named an honoree at the 2016 Indianapolis Business Journal’s CTO of the Year awards.

Document Management

By using advanced construction software we are able to deliver an exceptional construction document management experience. We link all aspects of construction drawings, specifications and project changes to create true working construction documents. This allows team members, field staff and clients to navigate and interact with the construction documents quickly and easily. Using web-based technologies and mobile devices, we are never more than a few clicks away from the right information.

Collaboration Software

Meyer Najem utilizes web-based collaboration software to give the project team a simple, reliable, customizable and secure solution for all project communication and information. This approach provides accountability to team members through tasks, milestones, schedules and documentation that helps keep our projects on schedule. The information is also security enabled so project team members see only what they need.


Building Information Modeling (BIM), incorporates the use of technology to develop three dimensional models for design, construction, sustainability and building operations and maintenance. Building information models allow the entire project team to effectively share information, discover potential issues, collaborate on design adjustments and review constructibility and phasing before construction begins.

Meyer Najem’s in-house Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Manager can produce a practical model that can be used for all stages of the building’s lifecycle. BIM modeling provides quicker and more accurate estimating and subcontractor bid checking, greatly reduces the lengthy process of taking field measurements, and allows project teams to catch conflicts earlier by ensuring as-built drawings are accurate which helps prevent costly change orders and schedule delays.

Quantity Takeoffs

Meyer Najem is able to leverage the “I” portion of BIM by extracting information and quantities from the design team’s models for quicker and more accurate estimating and subcontractor bid checking.

3D Visualization

BIM can be used to provide accurate visual representations such as renderings and visual walk-throughs of the facility which allows the owner and design team to review any aspect of the facility.

Existing Conditions and Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is a method of high-accuracy mapping like a panoramic photo, but with the ability to measure and walk through it. The design team can link it into their BIM software and use it as a starting point for their new design. This technology greatly reduces the lengthy process of taking field measurements and allows project teams to catch conflicts earlier by ensuring as-built drawings are accurate.

Facilities Management

Our Virtual Design and Construction staff work with facility managers to review the models throughout construction to ensure everything that is being built can also be maintained. These models can also serve as a guide for future building renovations, additions, facility operation and maintenance by providing detailed information about the composition of the facility and systems.

Construction Scheduling and Phasing

Scheduling data can be integrated with the design models to virtually build the building to better anticipate issues and constructability issues before work starts on site. This can be especially useful for projects on an occupied campus to help improve bystander safety.

Clash Detection

Using Navisworks, we can simulate building construction to discover any conflicts between building disciplines that may arise during construction which helps prevent costly change orders and schedule delays.

BIM Execution Planning

While not every use of BIM is practical for every project, Meyer Najem can lead the design team, owner and subcontractors through the development of a BIM Execution Plan to insure BIM will bring value to the project.


At Meyer Najem we believe that the technologies we utilize should revolve around the way we do business. With this mindset we spend countless hours customizing our solutions to meet the needs of our projects. We also put a premium on training our staff, including all members of the project team, so they are fully engaged in the entire construction process and have the ability to interact with our technologies. By creating an underlying culture that is powered by best in class technologies and support we have created a unique and fresh approach to how construction projects should be delivered.

Our expertise with both Sage 300 CRE and Procore allows us to monitor performance, effectively manage change orders, compare actual costs against budgets, streamline RFIs, submittals and other project documentation, improve workflow between project managers and accounting, integrate construction estimating, accounting, and project management, give project teams live, up-to-the-minute cost and project detail to aid in solid decision-making, managing contracts, subcontracts, purchase orders, change orders, submittals, RFIs, and other project documentation all in one location, and eliminate workflow redundancies to save time, simplify, and completely tie together approval processes that flow between accounting and project teams.