Brownsburg Lincoln Elementary

Brownsburg, Indiana

Lincoln Elementary was in need of a new elementary school to accommodate for the increasing number of incoming students to the thriving Brownsburg community. The challenge was to build a new, ground-up structure adjacent to the current building, all while normal school hours and operations took place. Preparations were needed to be sure that school students and faculty were not harmed or interrupted throughout the process.

The Lincoln project, a new 91,195-square foot elementary building, connects to the existing elementary school. The steel framed building is a single-story structure featuring an exterior brick veneer and metal wall panels. Our team constructed a new facility, which includes new classrooms, library and media room, gymnasium, cafeteria and theatre stage. A new parking lot, basketball goals and a playground were added to outside of the facility.

Our team’s commitment to create a project that was safe, hitting the objectives and goals of Brownsburg, was a complete success as the project was completed on time and on budget, in an environment that was safe for all faculty and students of Lincoln Elementary.

Size: 91,195 Square Feet

Floors: Single Story

Location: Brownsburg, Indiana