CEDIA Global Headquarters

Indianapolis, Indiana

This fall, associates at CEDIA, the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, will move into their new 40,000-square foot global headquarters in Fishers, Indiana.

Not only does the facility represent the very best in technology, it also has a home-like atmosphere, experience centers and employee-driven details, designed by American Structurepoint that make the headquarters stand out above the rest. After more than 18 months of research, financial analyses, and due diligence, the CEDIA Board determined that a new built-to-suit global headquarters would provide the best solution for the current and future needs of the association and its members.

CEDIA will occupy approximately 30,000 square feet on the first and third floors of the building where they will be able to show their latest smart-home technology as part of their experience center. With a living room, bedroom, theater and more, the 3,000-square foot center lets clients see the capabilities of their products first-hand. Built for product testing, the walls and ceilings of the rooms are made of concrete paneling to damper sound to the rest of the building.

The headquarters also includes private and open office space, an executive board room with a terrace space along with a world-class training facility, and an advanced boot camp space available for member use. The remaining 10,000 square feet will be available to lease.

The second floor, with 10,000-square feet designed to be for tenant build-outs, also includes the 4,000-square foot outdoor roof patio which includes a bar, TV area and outdoor lounge. There is also a 650 square foot green roof that was built with an internal irrigation system, allowing for a variety of plant options. This feature will add a natural function and beauty to the patio.

A second patio, located on the third floor of the building is an 800-square foot executive patio, which is available to CEDIA employees throughout the workday. The design maximizes the use of natural light as it was important to the owners that every office space throughout the building had access to natural light. There are also men’s and women’s showers and a bike storage area where employees can either store or borrow bikes to ride.

For our team, the biggest challenge was understanding and coordinating all the integrated technology that was incorporated into the design of the building. For CEDIA, their goal was to maximize and showcase every bit of home technology that they could. We ensured that our team was on the same page by remaining in contact and coordinating with the owner’s A/V Coordinator so that all this technology ran smoothly.

Both teams are incredibly excited to create a space that accurately reflects CEDIA place in the market. The new global headquarters will be a space that CEDIA members can not only be proud of, but can utilize for training, client tours, after-hours events, and much more.