Westfield Financial Center

Westfield, Indiana

Westfield, Indiana, celebrates the arrival of a new financial center, a symbol of sustainability and community growth. Positioned as a key player in the ongoing development of the city, it serves as an example for other businesses to embrace sustainability and actively contribute to the community’s overall well-being.

The project showcases an innovative sun-powered Smart Flower solar panel, setting a precedent for environmentally conscious practices. Inside, a natural Glulam ceiling fosters an open and inviting atmosphere, reflecting the bank’s dedicated focus on fostering community connections.

Meyer Najem’s proficiency played a crucial role in overcoming obstacles throughout the project, most notably managing unsuitable soil conditions. The team’s expert handling of this challenge ensured the establishment of a solid foundation for the project. The Westfield Financial Center stands as a testament to sustainable practices, innovative solutions, and a steadfast commitment to community welfare.

Location: Westfield, Indiana

Size: 2996 Sq. Ft.