Fall Creek  Trails

Fall Creek Woods Natural Area consists of an 80-acre property boasting amenities such as hiking and wildlife viewing. With more than 3 miles of trails, the area makes the perfect spot for hiking.

Meyer Najem recently completed the construction of new boardwalks over existing ravines and wetlands. The significance of this project lies in the enhanced mobility and accessibility it offers to the Fall Creek Township Community. The newly constructed bridges and boardwalks provide a means for residents and visitors alike to explore the nature area more freely, fostering a deeper connection with the surrounding environment.

Our team successfully tackled the challenges and opportunities presented by a project with construction of a 40- and 80-foot pedestrian bridge over the wooded reveans, as well as a large, 600-foot switchback that will connect the trails within the park. In total, more than 150 helical piers will be bored into the reveans to hold the structures.

The primary goal was to establish accessibility for emergency medical services (EMS), ensuring swift access for hikers in the Fall Creek Nature Area. This focus on safety and preparedness demonstrates the project’s commitment to the well-being of those enjoying the Fall Creek Nature Area, making it a valuable addition to the community’s recreational infrastructure.

Size: 1,500 Lineal Feet

Location: Fishers, Indiana