St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

Serving as a beacon of the community, the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Tipton, Indiana represented five-generations of residents, many of whom have gathered there for decades. Unfortunately, due to extensive structural damage of the existing building, this landmark was not able to be renovated and the only option was for the Parish to demolish the building. Meyer Najem was awarded the construction of the new building for the St. John’s the Baptist Catholic Church.

This historical significance warranted a different construction approach. The owner salvaged as many materials from the existing building—the steeple, bells, pews, and stained-glass windows to name a few. When construction began, careful consideration was made to ensure the 11,300-square foot brick building was made in close likeness to the original.

The new church features traditional attributes as well as unique architectural features, most significantly a large, barrel vault ceiling and inset worship spaces. St. John the Baptist Church was unveiled in November 2022 when the congregation held its first mass.

Size: 11,300 Square Feet

Location: Tipton, Indiana