Community Hospital North Cancer Center and Connector

New construction of the 122,855-square foot, 3-story cancer center with a warm and contemporary design that expands oncology services on the hospital campus. Designed with input from patients, physicians and staff, the Community Cancer Center North provides convenient access to exceptional healthcare services. The design features elements that create a home-like atmosphere and a warm and contemporary design.

Construction began in October 2015 and was completed in April 2017, nearly two months early. To accomplish this, the management team worked on-site, subcontractors worked extra crews and shifts, and the team utilized LEAN principles and pull planning. Additionally, with close to 300 workers on-site daily, 170,364 total man hours, and multiple trades working simultaneously, the project did not sustain a single work-related injury or illness.

The center is also connected to Community Hospital North via a sky bridge for additional resources and convenient access for inpatients.

Size: 122,855 Square Feet

Floors: Three Story

Location: Indianapolis, IN