Fishers Primary Care

It’s a new era in Healthcare construction and with the rise of virtual visits, it’s important to create areas for medical professionals to comfortably perform telehealth visits with patients. Consultation and Telehealth rooms were designed as part of the evolving landscape of healthcare prior to the pandemic as an alternative way to deliver primary care. The 15,000-square foot facility is home to Ascension Medical Group, St. Vincent – Fishers Primary Care. Offering enough room for eighteen practitioners, the new facility offers the highest level of care to its patients.

The facility includes:

  • 33 Exam Rooms
  • 2 Procedure Rooms
  • 2 Telehealth & Consultation Rooms
  • 1 X-Ray Suite
  • 1 Lab Services
  • Staff Breakroom
  • Waiting Area

Size: 15,000 Square Feet

Floors: Single Story

Location: Fishers, Indiana

Designer: arcDESIGN