Rumble Boxing

Meyer Najem’s Special Projects Division put on their boxing gloves for this fast-paced fitness facility buildout on the northside of Indianapolis.

Founded in 2017 in New York City, Rumble Boxing is boxing-inspired group fitness designed for all levels, beginner to advanced. A 45-minute, full-body boxing & strength workout crafted around specially designed teardrop-style boxing bags, Rumble delivers results in a fun, high-energy setting.

The 2,500-square foot space features a modern, open-concept boxing area with restrooms, storage spaces, a locker area, gear shop, and lobby. To prevent interference with the neighboring business, the Meyer Najem team installed a soundproofing assembly and vibration pad on the shared wall in an effort to minimize noise and reduce shaking.

“We really enjoyed working on Rumble Boxing because of the unique elements that were included in the project,” states Project Manager Wes Williams. “This is why I like working in the Special Projects Division—we get to create these customized spaces that are completely tailored to our client’s needs and can deliver them in a fraction of the time of a traditional project.”

Construction began in July and was concluded at the end of September. This project marks the first Rumble Boxing location in Indiana and the Special Project Division’s 74th project of 2022.

Size: 2,500 Square Feet

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana