Fishers Fire Station 91 Headquarters

Fishers, Indiana

The firehouse and fire department headquarters stands as a symbol of the community. From the aesthetics to functionality, this project was designed through the vision of the city, aligning with their needs. The 30,000 SF facility promotes the abilities of the firefighters, enhancing their abilities to do their job and ensure their long-term health.

Serving as both a firehouse and an administrative headquarters, the new building combines a classic fire station look with contemporary design features. Innovative lighting systems and updated signage around the building make it stand out, especially at night. Each part of the structure is designed to reflect the values of its regular inhabitants, so the fire station area features classic red brick masonry with large, four-fold doors, while the headquarters side of the structure includes metal panels that reflect the progressive and entrepreneurial spirit of Fishers.

Size: 30,000 Square Feet

Floors: 2 Stories

Location: Fishers, Indiana

Designer: Delv Design